Co-curricular Activities

The college conducts the following co-curricular activities to help the students for all round personality development.

Community Service Camp in a rural setting to develop social values and service to society.

Red Ribbon Club is a voluntary on-campus intervention program for students in educational institutions. It is initiated and supported by the State AIDS Control Society and implemented through multi-sectoral collaboration.

The programme will address the knowledge, attitude and behavior of the youths in the interrelated areas of Voluntary Blood Donation, HIV & AIDS and sexuality, as demanded by their age, environment, and life style. The Red Ribbon Club serves as a complementary and comprehensive prevention intervention to support and reinforce similar youth led initiatives.

Thus Red Ribbon Club Programme (RRCP) is a comprehensive promotional and preventive intervention to enhance voluntary blood donation as well as mainstream HIV & AIDS prevention, care & support and treatment impact, mitigation, stigma reduction, among the youth in educational institutions

Educational tour - to give opportunity to students to see and understand the various places of historical importance and appreciate the diverse culture of India – to develop leadership quality in planning and administration.

Socially Useful Productive Work – opportunity for becoming self reliant and resourceful

School visits – an exposure to the functioning of different types of institutions and other organizations at different levels pertaining to the subjects in the curriculum

Community Work and Outreach programmes to inculcate service to society and reach out to the under privileged consequently inculcating the value of the dignity of labour

Guest Lectures by experts in the relevant subjects of the curriculum to get in-depth knowledge of the subject

Morning Assembly to inculcate discipline in thought, word and deed and to develop tolerence towards different faiths

Counselling Unit – Vocational and Career guidance is given to enable students to procure placements. Campus interviews are arranged to enable students to join schools immediately after the completion of the course. At present the students approach the faculty to overcome their academic and personal problems

Remedial Teaching – Spoken English classes are conducted for students who experience difficulty in English usage. Simplified materials and extra classes for students requiring individual attention are provided

Subject Associations provides opportunities for more activities such as quiz, competitions, debate, panel discussion etc. as part of the curricular activities

Interest Clubs - Students select an interest club of their choice. They plan out activities and carry them out during the course of the year. The interest clubs includes:
Nature Club
Electronics Club
Literary Club
Fine Arts Club

Interest Clubs

Students select an interest club of their choice. They plan out activities and carry them out during the course of the year. The interest clubs includes:

Nature Club
Electronics Club
Literary Club
Fine Arts Club

Extra-curricular Activities

Inter-Collegiate Cultural Programme: To tap the talents and develop leadership qualities which in turn equip teacher trainees with values like sacrifice, tolerance, teamwork and to provide opportunities for additional learning situations, organisation skills and public speaking.,

Inter-Collegiate Sports Meet: To bring Colleges of Education together, to encourage students in athletics and team games and to help teacher trainees in planning, organizing and conduct of sports and games.

Students are encouraged to participate in inter-collegiate competitions such as elocutions, debates, dance, drama, and writing of poetry, music-vocal and instrumental. This will enable the students to involve and develop essential social skills. Talented students are identified and given opportunities to represent the college in various programmes conducted by other colleges and other organisations.

Students' Feedback Towards the end of the year students' feedback on teachers is obtained through appraisal questionnaire to ascertain their proficiency in the subject, discipline, communication, relationship with students, interest in student welfare and the staff are appraised on their weaknesses and strengths. This is done with the objective of helping the faculty to modify, develop teaching practices in order to achieve excellence in education.

Mentor system The main aim of this system is to help the teachers to interact with the students and to provide positive counseling tips to the problems faced by the students from time to time.

Department Association

Thrice in an annual year, the department association programs were conducted by the student teacher themselves under the guidance of the staff members.

Department Name of the Association
Tamil Tamil Mandram
English Bilingual Association
Mathematics Math Association
Physical Science Electro-mystique
Biological Science Bio-Zone Association
History History Association
Commerce Consumer Association

Extension Activities

The College has a meaningful extension programme aimed at Sensitizing Students to social realities, thereby the Students teachers are provided with field experience. Various awareness programmes, cleaning work and to promote self employment, training in preparing washing Powder, Cleaning Powder, Phenol and Preservation of fruit juice are carried out for the Village People.