About Us

K.Nanjappa Gounder College of Education is situated at about 5 kms away from Dindigul bus Stand along the Dindigul- Trichy national highway. It has a full fledged campus which offers everything a teacher education student needs to excel.

The campus is bestowed with a pastoral atmosphere of classic beauty of nature, spreading over vast area of acres providing a pleasant and calm environment. The natural atmosphere maintain in the campus provides a calm and serene atmosphere that is pleasant, healthy and stimulating in every sense.

Since the inception of K.Nanjappa Gounder College of Education in the year 2005 at Dindigul, its goal has been to be a leader and a symbol of excellence in teacher education, research, and service.

Placed among the best Colleges of Education in Tamilnadu, the college aims to revolutionize learning and redefine the boundaries of knowledge by combining cutting-edge methodology with a commitment to teaching and a scientific approach.

The innovations discovered by researchers in the College are being shared with educators and communities around. While the College has produced a history of academic excellence, its orientation to innovation demands that it respond rapidly to the challenges of a changing world.


To train graduates from rural masses to serve god and the nation in their profession as teachers.


In the context of contemporary advancement, our vision is to train humanity successfully to meet the evolutionary and revolutionary challenges by integrating the physical, emotional, intellectual, ethical and spiritual potentialities of the teachers of our country


Energy : To motivate the youth to work with vigour to meet the challenges to succeed

Service : Service to humanity with humane (Kindness)

Peace : To empower the rural mass to lead better prosperous and peaceful life

Main Goal

To empower rural students with quality teacher education.

To develop students who can create their own image to prove their individuality in the field of education.


To train the students to adopt modern innovative methods of teaching

To make them imbibe the universal values of responsibilities and dedication

To seek and extend human tendency in the service of the society by means of education

To enable them to bring out their knowledge and creativity through participating in various activities

Future Academic Plans

Starting of “M.Phil in Education” course

Starting Educational Research & Statistics Resource center

Conducting orientation course for the teacher education faculties in and around Dindigul on "Educational Technology"

Motivating our staff members and students to participate in seminars and paper presentations on current issues in education.

Conducting two days workshop for teacher educators and teacher education students to provide hands on experience on utilizing e-Resources in classrooms.